• The world's top producer ammonium polyphosphate soluble fertilizer
    40 years of successful experience, and constantly promote the development of new technologies, continue to improve product quality, product world-renowned
  • Unique polyphosphoric acid has a strong chelating effect of 5-10 times higher than ordinary drip irrigation
    In the case of continuous sunshine and low temperature, it has a strong effect on the growth of crop roots and lateral roots
  • Unique polyphosphoric acid has a strong chelating effect of 5-10 times higher than ordinary drip irrigation
    In the case of continuous sunshine and low temperature, it has a strong effect on the growth of crop roots and lateral roots

Recipe unique

Years of experience, unique patented polyphosphate technology, to provide a comprehensive range of highly efficient water soluble fertilizer series.

Nutrition quick

Iron copper boron, manganese, zinc and molybdenum and other trace elements to chelate the existence of easy to absorb, and effective.

Nutrition comprehensive

Provide a lot of nutrients necessary for crops and trace elements, symptomatic fertilization, choose a comprehensive variety.

Enhance the product

The use of a unique formula, can enhance the crop resistance, improve production and improve quality.

Advanced technology outstanding products

Poly chelating Technology

Multi polymerization chelation technology, the specific form of phosphorus can react with Ca, Mg, Mg, Zn and other metal elements to form chelated states. It solves the problem that inorganic phosphorus combines with Ca, Fe and Al in the soil to form low solubility and phosphorus can not be used. P special with Ca, Mg, Fe, Zn and other metal elements to form chelate reaction, various elements to transport objects, solve the problem can not be absorbed by crops, and to prevent the occurrence of crop symptom.

Multi polymerization chelating technology can activate the solidified elements in soil, and even if the amount of phosphorus is reduced, the total phosphorus uptake of crops can be increased. Because of its function of increasing phosphorus, it has played an obvious role in the growth and development of crops. Fully deploy the various elements, promote each other, and meet the nutritional needs of crops.

In the growth stage of crop nutrition, promote root development, growth period, full protection of healthy growth of crops, especially in continuous light and low temperature, has a strong effect on crop root and lateral root growth, enhance the absorption ability of root.

polyphosphate chelating technology: quality assurance

We have developed a series of polyphosphate chelating fertilizer products are widely used in the world, at the same time is "the European polyphosphate chelating fertilizer industry's top raw material suppliers."

Today, we operate in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, with subsidiaries, offices in Germany, Turkey, Poland, New Zealand, China, Colombia, Hungary and Russia, and for other countries, we are working with local distributors The formation of a solid and stable network of cooperation, and actively show the market influence.

BELFORTE's internal R & D team focuses on driving the field -

The R & D department is endorsed by the Governmental Science and Industry Research Council, which only grants companies with deep technical knowledge and process development capabilities, as well as adequate R & D infrastructure.

Products meet the ISO quality management system requirements, through the "ISO9001: 2008 quality management system", including a series of certification.


The difference between polymerized water soluble fertilizer and other fertilizers

The main factors that affect crop yield are long-term phosphate fertilizer, combined with the calcium and magnesium ions in soil and the formation of insoluble phosphorus in soil, which destroy the structure of soil aggregates and affect nutrient absorption.

Polymerized water-soluble fertilizer has strong chelating effect, and is more conducive to the absorption of nutrient elements, giving the plant strong root system. Field experiments also studied the reaction of tomatoes to polymerized water-soluble fertilizers results showed that the yield yield increased by 40%.

Advantages of ammonium polyphosphate


In the example of the above-mentioned photograph, the use of the vegetative growth stage promotes flower bud growth, allowing the plant to grow 60-70% more buds and flowers, which can increase the pollination efficiency by 50% to 60% during the blooming period, Protect young fruit does not fall.


In the above-described embodiment of the photograph, the green leaves after use are due to the strong chelating effect of the patented polyphosphoric acid, enabling the sequestration of nitrogen and phosphorus and various trace elements, Ordinary drip fertilizer.


Effectively improve the utilization rate of 5-10 times

The use of patented technology of ammonium polyphosphate has a strong chelating effect, can make nitrogen and phosphorus and a variety of trace elements chelate, trace elements in the utilization rate of 5-10 times higher than ordinary drip irrigation.


Promote root development

Promote the development of roots, ammonium polyphosphate in the role of enzymes gradually hydrolyzed into orthophosphoric acid and activated in the soil insoluble phosphate accumulation, especially continuous sunshine and low temperature of the crop roots and lateral roots of the growth has a strong role in promoting.


Increases the pollination efficiency by 50% to 60%

In the bloom period can improve the use of 50% -60% of the pollination efficiency, increase buds and fruit set and protect the young fruit does not fall.

Average crop yield 25.27%

In the crop fertilizer test, it was found that ammonium polyphosphate was better than other solid fertilizers, and the latter had an average yield of 25.27% higher than that of the latter. The second year was 27.3% higher than that of the latter.

Root Le more raw root obvious features

Root Le more raw root obvious features:

➜Rapid induction of rooting, rooting for the ring outbreak of the rooting, root volume, color white, good quality, strong vitality.

➜Before transplanting, transplanting after spraying, slow seedling fast, improve the survival rate, the seedling of the dead seedlings, seedlings small, seedling production, atrophy is not long, prone to damping-off, anthrax, disease and other diseases have Very good prevention and treatment effect, withering, verticillium wilt and other diseases have a good inhibitory effect.

➜At the same time can improve the quality of seedlings, so that seedlings grow robust, root color white, root to be developed, transplant survival rate is high, not slow and slow seedling significantly shortened.