UK BELFORTE is headquartered in London, UK, is the UK polyphosphate water soluble fertilizer industry leader. We continue to introduce innovative products to meet the needs of growers, while improving crop quality and yield, to achieve the sustainable development of agriculture. Polyphosphate water soluble fertilizers thanks to more than 40 years of unremitting efforts to obtain valuable experience, Beft developed a series of polyphosphate water soluble fertilizer products, and has been widely used in the world and application. At the same time, as the "European polyphosphate water soluble fertilizer industry's top raw material suppliers, we are actively involved in the EU polyphosphate water-soluble fertilizer industry-related regulatory policies to explore and develop, and is committed to technological innovation to promote the continuous development of the industry."

Today, we operate in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, with subsidiaries, offices in Germany, Turkey, Poland, New Zealand, China, Colombia, Hungary and Russia, and for other countries, we are working with local distributors The formation of a solid and stable network of cooperation, and actively show the market influence.

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