Nitrogen nutrition

Nitrogen nutrition information

The production of chlorophyll, nucleic acids and enzymes required for nitrogen and nitrogen is essential for the synthesis of amino acids in plants, and amino acids are the basis of protein synthesis.

These amino acids are then used to form protoplasts that are used for cell division and are also used to produce the necessary enzymes and structural parts of plants and can become part of the proteins stored in crops.

Plants used in the form: NO-3 or NH + 4

The role of nitrogen nutrients

All parts of the plant are mainly nitrogen to improve the leaves, branches, roots, fruit buds to promote rapid growth, enhance nutrient uptake, increase the protein content in plants.

Nitrogen combines with high concentrations of chlorophyll, using sunlight as an energy source for essential plant functions, including nutrient uptake.

Nitrogen fertilizer - soil nutrients

3NO-3→3NH2 + 2OH-(Increase soil pH)

3NH + 4→3R-NH2 + 4H +(Lower soil pH value)



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