Rooting Enhancer

Category: NPK fertilizer
Created by: BELFORTE

This product is a combination of plant nutrition experts combined with soil conditions, due to long-term use of chemical fertilizers caused by soil salinization and other factors caused by plant root degradation, plant withering, dead dead and other development status, the use of raw materials, activators, stubble, trace elements, Multi-process chelating technology to produce special raw agents. Improve crop resistance, cold, anti-injury, crop resistance. Root growth and rapid development, the main root strong, lateral root dense, stout and stout, leaf color rich green, leaf thickness is weak. Strain strong, strong seedlings to achieve strong growth, the purpose is to grow strong.

1、Increase the root temperature, stimulate root growth, induce the formation of new plant roots, especially in low temperature conditions, the root system developed more than 2 times, plant roots, fibrous roots increased, weak seedlings strong; to prevent root aging, anti-root, rot Grow fast seedlings fast.
2、Enhance cell viability, improve plant resistance to stress, anti-cropping, yellowing, dead seedlings, weak seedlings, growth and other symptoms of atrophy.
3、The elimination of soil salt damage, fertilizer damage, prevention of soil-borne diseases, improve disease resistance, promote germination, drought strong trees, early flowering, fruit, high yield and high quality. The product can be increased by more than 30% of the product can be seen with organic carbon fertilizer to add carbon, can make up for the lack of light or crops for some reason the impact of photosynthesis, and more effective in the market application and promotion, Many growers have achieved significant increases in crop use.


1、Spray: This product is diluted 1000-1500 times uniform spraySpray: This product is diluted 1000-1500 times uniform spray
2、Irrigation root: for plant rot, dead seedlings, dead trees, leaves yellowing bad symptoms conservation use, diluted 500-600 times drip in the plant roots.
3、Drip irrigation: 2-3 liters per acre
4、Chong Shi: This product can be washed with water. Acres of low temperature conditions under 2-3kg; high temperature conditions 1.5-2kg



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